When It Comes to Your Child, You’re Looking for Answers With Depth, Not Broad Labels

You may have always known that your child is different from other children, but not in ways that seem to fit into existing diagnostic categories.

You haven’t found answers in the pages of parenting books, and advice from friends and family members has not produced the expected behavioral changes or perhaps has even backfired.

You’re awed by your child’s gifts in certain areas and yet baffled by his or her inability to accomplish certain basic tasks.  You see the uneven patterns of your child’s development and are unsure where to set your expectations.

You worry that others may misjudge your child and it will take a toll on his or her self esteem.

“I can tell that my child truly wants to do the right thing, but something’s getting in his way.”

Every time you’ve been just about to pursue an evaluation, your child makes a developmental leap and things improve for a time.

Maybe you’ve enrolled your child in various therapies or interventions, but you’re seeking a broader understanding of how best to support him or her.

At the same time, you may be hesitant to seek help, for fear that an outside professional will not be able to truly see your child as you do.

“You have been so right about so many things. I think we’re at a point now that if you told us to move to the moon so our daughter could thrive, we would.” —Parent of a 6-year-old daughter

Going Beyond the Numerical Data to a Comprehensive Understanding of Your Child

Stephanie E. Meyer, Ph.D., is a child psychologist who provides comprehensive evaluations of children aged seven and younger.

In her approach to child assessment, Dr. Meyer seeks a balance between art and science, going beyond the numerical data to obtain a comprehensive and intuitive understanding of your child's strengths and challenges, and their implications for school choice, parenting strategies, and personality development.  Her approach combines curiosity, thoroughness, and scientific and clinical integrity.

Working with her, you’ll come away with a nuanced and individualized “roadmap” for making current and future decisions that are uniquely suited for your child.

“I’m so grateful to have found someone who really understands and appreciates our son and his gifts. You have helped us so much in our understanding and appreciation of him—you’ve helped us grow as parents!” —Parent of a 6-year-old son



Dr. Meyer is a highly experienced and well-trained licensed psychologist, whose clinical practice and research at the University of Minnesota, the National Institute of Mental Health, UCLA, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center have informed her individualized approach to the assessment of infants, toddlers, and young children


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Dr. Meyer's approach to child
assessment and treatment is shaped
by the belief that "kids do well if they




In all aspects of her evaluations, Dr. Meyer is committed to providing families with the most current research-based care available. 



Dr. Meyer has worked as a curriculum consultant for the Jim Henson Company, and has been interviewed on NPR, Yahoo!, and the History Channel regarding highly gifted preschoolers.