Visualization Groups

Parents of “outside the box” kids often find themselves letting go of their own daily rhythms, organizational strategies, and personal agendas.

There is a cumulative pull away from one’s own desires, talents, and interests in the service of meeting the needs of one’s child, while, at the same time, the views and opinions of friends, family members, and professionals serve to further drown out parental instincts and intuitions.

This may leave you feeling afloat and depleted at the end of the day with only enough wherewithal to fill your few free moments immersing yourself in mindless tasks and activities, which only serve to pull you even further away from your core truths.

How do you regain your footing?

Visualization is a set of powerful concepts and techniques that have been applied toward “decluttering”, improving athletic performance, building business success, and increasing resilience.  These same strategies can gently guide us back to a place where we are able to access our own wisdom, insights, ideas, and natural inclinations.  Exercises are structured, intentional, and goal-directed, so as to decrease one’s susceptibility to derailment by internal chatter and distractibility.

I periodically offer 8-week visualization groups for moms in my practice.  Each group is limited to four participants, and consists of approximately 30 minutes of visualization exercises, followed by 90 minutes of discussion and conversation.